Spideo is a SaaS product that specializes in building unique user experiences and personalization through semantic algorithms in easy-to-use discovery tools. We help content providers by providing valuable customer insights to better understand their users and optimize the performance of their content catalog.

In order to describe all the functionalities of our personalization platform we provide a broad spectrum of search and recommendation features with a modular logic to answer specific needs of each customer. In the Spideo API documentation you can try and test all the Spideo services allowing you to: - Consult Spideo’s semantic approach - Store, retrieve and delete user interactions - Offer different recommendation and personalization features - Control the output through specific business rules - Enrich search results with relevant suggestions  

Integration Process

All our services are served via Restful API. We deploy the technical environment for our customers on cloud services using AWS or “on premises”. This process will depend on the type of service architecture of your IPTV/OTT/Content platform. Most of our partners have chosen to use our Spideo cloud services, as AWS cloud servers offer reliability and scalability.  

1.      Integration process for VoD:

Operator’s will send content exports on JSON or CSV file to Spideo. These files contain:

a.    Content ID (your content ID)

b.    External IDs (to match all content in our database. Which could be IMDB, Plurimidia or TMS(Gracenote).

c.    For VoD some metadata about the content such as Content Title, Casting, Director, Release Year, Type of content (Film/Series). If part of this metadata is not available, we will continue being able to index your content, but it might increase the estimate time to complete the import/export process.

d. Availability Information about the content (start data and expire data)

e. User ID & User History (if there is no existing user history, we can create the user profiles on the fly). No sensitive data of the user is necessary.


2.     Integration Process for TV – Linear TV – Live Content:

We index the channels using Plurimidia or TMS(Gracenote) metadata.

a.       List of TV channels/List of lineups

3.      Using Spideo Cloud-based services environment, your solution will be set up in an estimated time of 2 to 3 weeks with the first content (imports/exports) concluded.

For further information, contact our sales team email: sales@spideo.tv