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Spideo is a recommendation system for movies, TV, and video streaming platforms.

We make you stand out for your recommendations

  • Each recommendation explained. By communicating with users, Spideo powers experiences that feel like conversations.
  • Protect your clients’ personal information. All we need to start recommendations is your content.
  • Personalized for every person’s tastes. Each user gets a unique profile in our system.

We make it easy to integrate across all devices





Gaming Console

We integrate with major metadata providers.

We empower you to manage your content

We’re all about understanding what people love to watch and the reasons behind their choices. We use that knowledge to empower you to manage your content in the most effective way possible.


  • 1
    Start recommendations based solely on your content.
  • 2
    Personalize recommendations by integrating data from user interactions.
  • 3
    Humanize your recommendations using each user’s semantic profile.
  • 4
    Let your clients decide the information they want to share for recommendation purposes. Use GDPR endpoints for that purpose.
  • 5
    Improve search results. We take you further by associating natural language-based keywords with your content.
  • 6
    Customize how you display recommendations with rules you define.

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